Convert Bigha to Acres in Rajasthan


Convert Bigha to Acres in Rajasthan

Convert Bigha to Acres in Rajasthan
The Bigha (Pucca) which people will also spell as beegha, biga, bhigha, vigha, viga etc is a traditional unit of measurement of area which is still widely used in south Asia, especially in countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. It is also unofficially used for sale and purchase of land specially agricultural land in many states of india like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh (UP), Madhya Pradesh (MP), Bihar etc mostly northern States of India. Since it is not a standard unit, its value varies from region to region and states to states. In Rajasthan 1 Bigha = 0.625 Acres.
Generally 1 Pucca Bigha = 165 ft x 165 ft = 27,225 Sq. ft.
Pucca Bigha is widely used but some parts of Rajasthan also uses Kaccha Bigha, where,
1 Kaccha Bigha is equal to 132 ft x 132 ft  = 17,424 Sq ft.

Below is the converter of  Pucca Bigha to other units as per value of bigha used in Rajasthan.
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Area Conversion of 1 Bigha to other Units in Rajasthan :
1 Bigha = 0.625 Acres
1 Bigha = 0.2529 Hectares
1 Bigha = 27225 Sq. Feet
1 Bigha = 2529.2853 Sq. Meters
1 Bigha = 0.0025 Sq. Kilometers
1 Bigha = 3025 Sq. Yards


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